I play with the call and response of light and found materials in installations, videos, prints and photographs. In all my work, composition and color are determined by site, movement, chance and improvisation. My installations are analog RGB color spaces, luminous, temporary geometries that call into question the divisions between analog and digital ways of seeing. Like prisms, my installations combine separate colors into white light and break that light up again into its separate parts. I translate my working process from an Additive or RGB Color System to a Subtractive or CMYK Color System in prints and photographs that explore luminosity, transparency and optical color mixing through dynamic layering of fixed and physical color and form.

With a spontaneous spirit and non-hierarchical approach to materials and process, I borrow elements like plywood, furniture, and window screens from my installation environments. I activate these things temporarily with light or ink, actions, motors or a press, and then return them to their original contexts when an exhibition or project ends. This process of assembly and redistribution resets possibilities for future interactions between material and perception, encouraging viewers to become more aware of ephemeral manifestations of luminous color and form within their own daily experience.